Due to the Covid situation , training has been discontinued until further notice.


Reiki training is a wonderful therapy to learn. The course is easy to learn and one of the benefits is that you can practice Reiki on yourself to enhance your own health. The Reiki courses are 1 day and you will receive attunments to allow the Reiki to flow through you. A full manual is provided.

Reiki 1 - allows you to practice on yourself plus friends and family

Reiki 2 - this attunment increases the Reiki strength and you can become a practitioner at this level. After this attunment, you are able to send Reiki to others.

Reiki Master - attunment at this level raises your energy and the Reiki becomes much stronger. After attunment at this level, you can go on to train as a teacher

Prices are;

Reiki 1 - £125

Reiki 2 - £175

Reiki Master £225

Reiki Master teaching  £250