Yoga at Home

Well being is a state of health and emotional wellness.

Please note, at present my work is online. I am teaching group classes, Yoga Nidra sessions and 1-1 sessions over Zoom. 

About myself

Thank you for accessing my website. If you have any questions, please use the contact page and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga since 1993 and have taught to many different age groups and abilities. My classes are focused on posture, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help with stress relief, anxiety and muscle and joint problems. During my weekly timetable, a gentle yoga and meditation class is included.

In addition, I teach a pregnancy yoga which is specifically for this special time and focuses on gentle poses and relaxation and to relieve tension in muscles and control emotional ups and downs. The focus is on enhancing wellbeing during pregnancy and birth. Once baby is here, Mum and Baby yoga can start when baby is 8 weeks old

For clients who prefer a 1-1 approach, I travel to your own home to work on your specific needs whether it be working on relaxation techniques or increasing strength and flexibility. However, lately classes including 1 to 1s have been delivered over Zoom.

This will continue as well as starting to put on face-to-face classes later in 2021

I enjoy beach yoga when the weather permits and as you will see on the following pages, a fabulous new venue for day retreats is starting this summer 2021 which will include either Crystal therapy or Aromatherapy workshops. 

Yoga Nidra sessions are online. This is a beautiful way to relax and reduce anxiety as well as alleviating problems with insomnia.

For several years I have practiced as a Reiki Master and have taught and attuned others into this amazing healing therapy.

As a strong advocate for all things natural, I became a Tropic ambassador to use and sell products that are completely free from toxic chemicals.

My belief is that through Yoga practice and the use of complementary therapies, we can learn to cope with the stresses of life and learn to prioritise, which in turn allows the ability to deal with all aspects of our busy lives.

My Story